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The System Of Governance In Kenya


Date Posted: 8/3/2018 6:54:15 AM

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Kenya is a country located in the African continent on the eastern side.It gained it's independence in the year 1963 from the British colonizers and became a republic in 1964.After becoming a republic, Mzee Jommo Kenyatta became the first president under the Kenya African National Union(KANU) party.In 1978, Mzee Kenyatta died and was succeeded by Moi who then became the second president.The government was a one-party state.There was no room for democracy.The voice of the people was not respected at all.However in 1992,The country became a multi-party state.This allowed room for freedom to elect leaders of choice for the citizens.In 2002,Mwai Kibaki was elected to the presidency and became the forth president of Kenya.He ruled for a period of 10 years.In 2010,he promulgated the new constitution at Uhuru Park.The new Constitution brought a new face to the Kenyan System of governance.President Kibaki was then succeeded by Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013.

The Kenyan system of government is such that we have both the national and regional government.The national government is under the leadership of the president and the vice president.The president is the head of the government and is a symbol of national unity.He is the commander -in-chief of the armed forces.He is the overall ruler of the country.He is elected not appointed.He has to have the highest number of votes and must get at least 51% of the total votes in the entire country.The deputy president is the second in governance.He/She is also elected since he/she is the running mate of a presidential candidate who wins the election.The president co-ordinates all the work of the government and ensures efficient working of the government.

The president then appoints ministers who help him to ensure efficient co-ordination and working of

various ministries in the country.The candidates appointed by the president for ministerial positions are vetted by the parliament before they are sworn to oath of office.He/she also appoints ambassadors who are to represents the interests of the country to various countries in the world.He also appoints the Chief Justice who becomes the head of the judiciary which works to ensure there is justice in the country.

The national government is composed of three arms of government which are the executive,Judiciary and the legislature.The executive is headed by the president and it co-ordinates the working of the government.The legislature works to make laws for the country.The judiciary on the other hand works to ensure that the laws made by the legislature are implemented and respected.

After the promulgation of the new constitution in 2010,the national government was devolved into the regional government in order for the government to be in a position to be able to reach the needs of its citizens efficiently.The country was divided into forty seven counties each under the leadership of a governor who is elected after every five years.The governor acts as ruler of the county and has his own government.He/she appoints ministers to head various ministry dockets in the county.He/she has a deputy governor.Each county also has a senator who works to ensure the interests of the citizens of the county are well represented in the senate house.

In each county there are Members of parliament who are elected to head various constituencies in the counties.Each member of parliament represents the interests of his/her citizens in the national parliament located in Nairobi.In the national parliament ,the MPs work in making laws and discussing motions that concern the well-being of the citizens of the country.They elect a speaker who works to ensure there is order during parliament proceedings.He/She has the mandate to ensure that the parliament works efficiently.

The last group of elected leaders of governance in the counties are the Members of the County Assembly(MCAs). They are the heads of wards in the counties.They attend sittings in County assemblies and work to bring government services closer to the people.They also represent the rights of county citizens to the head of the regional government who is the governor.

In conclusion, the Kenyan system of government is one of the most efficient systems on earth.It embraces democracy which works to ensure that all people are treated equally.I believe that our system of government is something for us as Kenyans to boast about and we should be proud of.

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