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Relevance of Philosophy of Education to Educators


Date Posted: 1/22/2021 1:32:57 AM

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Philosophy of education is an important course of profound significance to educators. It plays a fundamental role in making educators more effective in the performance of their duties. The following are the key significance of this course to educators.

1. It equips the educator with philosophical methods of critical, analytic, evaluative and speculative character. These are key in education because they sharpen the personal critical and creative thinking. The discipline thus makes educators more critical and creative in educational practices.

2. The discipline of philosophy of education enhances open mindedness in the educator. This one it does by loosening traditional, conservative, rigid and dogmatic attitudes among educators. Philosophy liberates individuals from narrow mindedness and meanness of vision.

3. Philosophy of education helps the teachers to develop the art of correct reasoning and ability to identify and avoid fallacies in arguments in their teaching and educational practices.

4. It enhances the educator's ability to interpret, understand and influence the prevailing educational policies and activities. Enables the teachers to give recommendations for improvement where educational policies have failed. This is important as they are the implementers of policies and curriculum.

5. Offers a personal intellectual to the teacher whose task is to stimulate the intellectual interest of the learner's academic discipline. The course satisfies the teacher's personal and intellectual curiosity. Also boosts one's confidence due to clearer vision of the basis of educational activities that it gives the teacher.

6. Educational philosophy above all awakens the teacher's desire for more knowledge. This is true to sentiments of the ancient philosopher called Tagorre Tagorre Rabindranath." A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning as a lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn it's own flame."

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