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Goals of Guidance and Counselling in Schools


Date Posted: 1/22/2021 1:44:42 AM

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The following are the key goals of guidance and counselling.

1. Self exploration
An individual is assisted to understand themselves, personal doubts, their appetite, intelligence, interests, attitudes, what they value in life, their lifestyle preferences and above all what motivates them.

2. Determining values
An individual is helped to recognize important values and explore them in relation to the norms of the society and their importance for success in their lives.

3. Goal setting
An individual is helped to set goals that are important for their future.

4. Re-explore the world of work

The aim is to help an individual to explore the world of work and their choice for the profession they wish to engage in.

5. Improving efficiency
One is helped to make decision and increase their effectiveness and efficiency in their lives, profession, studies.

6. Building relationships.

An individual is helped to make right decisions in their relationship and also reflect on their own feelings towards other people

7. Accepting responsibility for future.

As one grows up, they are helped to understand the responsibilities in life and have positive attitudes to enable them succeed in their roles.

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