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Would you beat odds to save your friend?


Date Posted: 3/14/2013 12:25:51 PM

Posted By: Brendah Aroko  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3317

I have a friend whom I love so much but at times I feel like he is very annoying and he gets on my nerves and i can't stand him. I have done all I can for him but he still acts like he doesn't have any respect for me. I used to think he was still immature but now I realize that he is a pest who cannot help me out at any single time. It is easier to see when you are being used but it is harder to see when you are the one using another person. I have a recollection of the many times when this friend has blamed me for his problems and he claims that he has been there for me all the times while he technically has never been there at all.

I used a test to try and see if he is really worth my time or not. So one day I pretended to be in need of help which I knew that he was in a position to offer. So asked him to assist me and he said that he could not at the moment so I waited for him to either call and find out if I had been assisted in any way but he didn't. Time passed and then he called me and asked me to send him money and that he was broke. So I called him and asked him why he never bothered to call all that time and the last time we talked I was in problems and he didn't call to check on me. He said that he was sorry and that it would never happened again so I forgave him and I told him that I was not in a position to help him either,

he was so hurt and he abused me which was actually a good thing because I realized that I didn't need him at all.

I kept wondering to myself if it is selfish to expect your friend to be good to you the way you have been to them. I find it hard to judge but we are humans and we are not made any different when we befriend some people we remain the same with huge expectations from our friends. The situation would have been more different if it were a close relative like say for example a sister or brother, you would overlook so may things because blood is thicker than water but for a friend all the love will disappear once you realize you are not getting back the love that you give.So what we should try and do is to be good friends too if we expect people to be good to us too. It is easy to be kind and loving and generous but it is more easier to try and overlook other people's weaknesses and be good to everyone even when they hurt and mistreat us. We should however not let them step on us like door mats, we have a personality and we deserve respect as well so in order to get that respect we must earn it.

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