Knec Human Resource Management Examination Question Paper

Exam Name: Knec Human Resource Management Examination 

Category: Machakos University question papers

Exam Year:2006

1. (a)Explain five reasons why oral interviews are necessary in the employee's selection process. [10 marks]

(b) Outline the limitations of training employees on the job. [10 marks]

2. (a) Explain the ways in which office operations contribute to the achievement of organisational goals. [10 marks]

(b) Highlight five benefits that may accrue to an organization that adopts a closed office layout. [10 marks]

3. (a) Explain ways in which delegation can be useful as a tool in management. [10 marks]

(b) Highlight five benefits that may accrue to an organization that uses committees in decision making. [10 marks]

4. (a) Explain the benefits of using external staff instead of internal staff to maintain office machines in an organization. [8 marks]

(b) Explain the consequences of poor human relations in an organization. [12 marks]

5. (a) Explain five factors that an office manager should consider when determining the type of machine to be used in producing copies of a document. [10 marks]

(b) Outline five benefits that an organization would get by carrying out an organization and method (O & M) survey. [10 marks]

6. (a) Explain five measures that a rapidly expanding organization should take to ensure effective inter-departmental communication. [10 marks]

(b) Highlight five limitations of using centralized filing system in an organization. [10 mark]

7. (a) Explain five reasons why business organizations are usually structured into departments. [10 marks]

(b) Explain five reasons why management may encourage upward communication among its staff.

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