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Bota 131:General Microbiology Question Paper

Bota 131:General Microbiology 

Course:Bachelor Of Science

Institution: Laikipia University question papers

Exam Year:2016

Attempt all questions in section A,and any two question from section B
1.Define the following terminologies as applied in the field of microbiology:(5 marks)
b)Microearophilic bacteria
c)Pure culture
d)Burst size
2.Explain on the contribution of Francesco Redi in disapproval of spontaneous generation. (5marks)
3.List and explain on the various means of sexual reproduction in fungi. (5marks)
4.Write notes on salient features of the protozoan. (5marks)
5.Account on the general morphology of viruses. (5marks)
6.Explain the various types of culture media and their importance. (5marks)
7.What is an antibiotic? Discuss how microorganisms can develop resistance to an antibiotic. (5marks)
8.(a)Write an account on the microscopic methods used for stained and unstained preparation commonly used in the study of microorganisms. (10marks)
(b)Give an account on acid fast staining. (5marks)
9.(a)Discuss on the various conditions influencing the efficacy of an antimicrobial agent. (10 Marks)
(b)Enumerate the modes of action of various disinfectants. (5 marks)
10.(a)Explain the five steps typical of the lyric cycle of viral replication. (10 marks)
(b)Briefly describe various ways in which viruses may be cultivated. (5 marks)

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