End Of Stage Diploma 1 Communication Skills Past Paper Question Paper

End Of Stage Diploma 1 Communication Skills Past Paper 

Course:Diploma In Business Administration

Institution: Machakos University question papers

Exam Year:2006

Time: 2 1/2 Hours
Answer any four questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

1.(a) Define communication. (5 Marks)
(b) State and explain the 6 stages in communication cycle giving the roles of the sender and receiver.(20 Marks)

2.(a) When does a communication situation exist. (5 Marks)
(b) Explain in detail any four factors that one should consider when choosing a communication medium. (20 Marks)

3.(a) What is written communication. (3 Marks)
(b) Give FOUR examples of written communication. (4 Marks)
(c) Why is written communication most preferred in formal communication. (18 Marks)

4.(a) Define grapevine communication.(2 Marks)
(b) Discuss five advantages of grapevine communication in an organization. (10 Marks)
(c) Enumerate five ways on how you can use grapevine effectively.(5 Marks)
(d) Identify any two types of grapevine and explain how each one works. (8 Marks)

5.(a) Define the term communication barriers.(5 marks)
(b) Explain in detail any four barriers to effective communication. (20 Marks)

6.(a) Define the term interview. (5 Marks)
(b) What are the preparations made before a job application interview by:-
(a) Interviewee (10 Marks)
(b) Interviewer (10 Marks)

7. Imagine that you are a member of the Adult Farmers Association Club. The secretary is unable to attend the meeting but has sent her apologies. You have been requested to take the minutes of the proceedings of the meeting which is due to start.The following information should be included in the minutes.Ten members have attended the meeting but FIVE members including the secretary could not attend and they sen their apologies. Three members of the association are not in the meeting and nobody knows where they are. The principal, the Patron of the Adult Farmers Association Club and an officer from the Ministry of Agriculture were invited to the meeting and are present. The previous minutes are looked at two matters arising are discussed, namely:-

i) Money raised from a jumble sale-two weeks ago and how to hire a bus to the agricultural show. Later new items in the agenda are discussed. Members discuss the possibility of starting a bee keeping project, means of selling their produce, and ways of enlarging the project. Members also discuss other business which includes dates and times of future Association meetings and suggestions for guest-speakers. The meeting is adjourned at 1.00p.m(25 Marks)

NB: Give imaginary names of members.

8. The following advert appeared on daily Nation on 16/06/06.

United Nations
Mission Headquarters
Gatumba Road
P.O. Box 6899 Burundi

Vacancy: Project Manager
Duties: -To see to the daily running of the project.
-To budget for the activities.
-To evaluate the performance of workers
-To provide future guidelines.

Qualifications -Form Four Graduates
-Must have a diploma in business administration, or any relevant course.
-Must have good communication skills.
-Must be ready to travel a lot.
-Must have good interpersonal skills.
(a) Apply for the above post. Include your current detailed C.V

9.(a) Define upward communication.(5 Marks)
(b) Discuss the importance of upward communication.(15 Marks)
(c) What measures should one put in place to ensure effective upward Communication.(5 Marks)

10.(a) Explain clearly why most committees prove to be unproductive. (10 Marks)
(b) What important points should the chairman of a meeting keep in mind in order to run the meeting smoothly and successfully.( 15 Marks)

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