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Most Popular Kenyan Newspapers


Date Posted: 6/12/2018 12:22:32 AM

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Most Popular Kenyan Newspapers

Being abreast of times is of great imperative aspects of life in Kenya. To get reliable news in Kenya, below are common newspapers available to Kenyan citizens.

1) Daily nation

Mostly preferred by many Kenyan citizens today. Initially published as Swahili and later renamed Daily Nation by Agha Khan group.
Published by NGM (Nation Media Group) and circulates an estimate of 17000 copies each day. NMG (Nation Media Group) own other newspapers which include, the East African, Business Daily Africa, Daily Monitor, The Citizen, Taifa Leo and Zuqka, some of which are discussed below in details.
Spans from urban to rural areas of Kenya. The daily nation is therefore available from the local dealers. For those who can access the internet, a copy is available at

2) The Standard

Has a long history of a way back dating 1902. Belongs to the Standard Group which also retains KTN(Kenya Television Network), Nairobian as well as Standard Digital as an online version.
Located along Mombasa Road in Nairobi city. It’s the first newspaper to be publicised in our nation Kenya.The Standard share considerable percentage of the market after Daily nation.

Copies of their newspapers are distributed countrywide daily to convenient areas to be accessed by interested citizens. For more information find them on website

3) The Star

This newspaper lounged in Kenya in 2007. Branded Nairobi Star, in the year 2009 renamed The Star. Headquarters location is in

Currently span country wide hence a copy is available for buyers. is their website.
4) The EastAfrican
This newspaper is owned and written by NMG(Nation Media Group), it’s different from Daily nation in that it has a very wide news broadcasting in East Africa and international news. Popular in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Visit website to learn more.

5)Business DailyAfrica

This newspaper is retained by NMG (Nation Media Group) situated in Nairobi, along Kimanthi Street. Occupy business news from Kenya and overseas. If interested in day to day business news then no doubt that Business DailyAfrica is the right paper for you. Website

6)Kenya Gazette

It’s fully retained by the Kenyan government, operated from Nairobi. Released every week and it’s composed in the English language.

Has the following news coverage, an announcement of some information to the specific or general public, new government policies, laws and legislation which are new to Kenyan citizens.

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