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Tips on how to fulfill your vision


Date Posted: 8/7/2018 7:15:42 AM

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What is a vision? A vision can be described as a dream, or an idea that comes from a passion that is planted deep within us. This vision when fulfilled helps in accomplishing much and it also produces a fulfillment within us as it helps in accomplishing our purpose in life. A vision that is in an individual is supposed to carry other people, providing employment for them as well as helping them fulfill their own destinies too. For a vision to come into accomplishment it has to have the following:

Goals are divided into two, long time goals and short term goals. Short term goals may be daily, weekly, or monthly goals. And when these are put together, they form long term goals. We need to not despise short term goals as they are as important as long term goals, if we make a mistake in the short term goals, we will not be able to reach the long term goals.

For a vision to be reached there has to be a road to get there. That road is what we call mission. After having an idea or a dream, you have to make a plan on how to fulfill it. Plan it step by step on paper before putting it into practice.

For every vision to be accomplished, a mentor is needed. A mentor is someone who takes your vision, makes it a reality and gives it back to you. It is that someone who has been there and done it and now wants to show you the way to get there, meaning, he is taking you to your vision because he has already been there.

In fulfilling your vision, accountability and integrity is very important. It will be of no use if you get to your destiny but you have hurt

many people on your way there, it will not be fulfilling.

Knowing ones priorities when on the road to fulfilling one’s vision is very important. Know what your priorities are at this stage of your life. That way, your road to your vision will be easy.

Balance is another important thing when it comes to vision. Balance usually goes hand in hand with priorities. Go after your vision but do not forget the other parts of your life, be all rounded.

Discipline will be needed like in any other venture. You will need to purpose to do what you have planned even when you do not feel like it. Your vision will need persistence in fulfilling it, no giving up even in hardships or when challenges arise.

Self control is a good ingredient that helps in reaching your vision. Control your emotions even when things do not look too good. You will need to be there to witness your success when it happens, do not let others enjoy it when you are long gone.

In conclusion, it is good to understand that visions do not die. When challenges arise, and we give up, they are just covered but not dead. So, in case it has happened to you, stand up, pick up your vision, dust it and go on with your mission to fulfill your vision. It will be fulfilled if you apply the above principles. Good luck in your journey to fulfilling your vision.

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