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Youths Pathway to Success


Date Posted: 6/28/2018 1:59:44 AM

Posted By: HOSEA KIPYEGON  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 197

I have not been there but I have heard those in their forties, fifties and sixties regret for what they failed to do during their early twenties. The threshold of adulthood, I mean once someone has clocked eighteen and somewhere below early thirties happens to be the most beautiful and fruitful stage in the human life. It is, primarily, the turning point in the human life. I am personally in this dazzling category and that is why I speak with wealth of ripe experience. For who is a good teacher if not he who lives and abides by what he teaches. The youth has the power, the capacity, energy to transform things around their world in amazing ways.

To begin with, as a youth, one ought to make full use of his or her talents and abilities. You will prove me right here. You must have noted over time that eminent personalities and celebrities all over the world are those dogged ladies and gentlemen who, despite all odds and hitches, made the best use of their talents. As a matter of fact, nothing rewards in life as much as talent does. Take a look at the booming music industry for instance. Men and women of substance are making hefty amounts of cash time and again through their talents. Desire to be one of the same kind. Whether you are starting right from the scratch, it does not matter. Aspire to be great by putting your unique endowment in good use to better your life and that of other people. In our lovely country, Kenya for in stance, I am very aware you know how talents and abilities have brought street boys and girls to public limelight. Some of us have an inborn unique leadership endowment.

Nurture it! You have, obviously, seen matatu touts, hawkers and mere watchmen rise to prominence through leadership. Whether you are picking up from a village position, keep going, one of these days you will have a story to tell the coming generations. And your name will be penned in letters of gold. It will remain immortal.

Secondly, I will advise youths to watch their lifestyles and spending. Perhaps I may sound a bit horrible here but it is just but a fact. It is said wealth grow wings for themselves and vanish. That is a bare truth! I have seen wealthy people dissipate their wealth until not even a cent is left. And they are, all over a sudden, plunged into untold misery, begging and impoverishment. This is a very sad situation especially for young people. You surely do not want to fall in to this trouble. So watch how you spend your resources. It does no good spending your money iN lavish living. I am not entirely against this but my point is you ought to rule your spirit, tame your desires and stick to your success enhancing principles. Less you end up in abject and grinding poverty. Plenty of youths out there these days, sadly, spends lots of money and precious time in drugs, good for-nothing relationships and other vices. Apart from draining your resources, these engagements poses a higher risk by jeopardizing your health. I do not want to delve into that today. Let it remain a subject for another day. But you are certainly aware of the negative repercussions that comes alongside acts of immorality. Season your spending. Your successful journey begins once you are out of your comfort zone. On drugs, I advise youths to shun it in totality. It is for your own good anyway. Desire to be a hero. Aspire to be a monument in your generation's history.

Another core milestone to success is and of course early investments. Early investments will catapult your life to startling limits in life. Dare to invest. It could be a business, a farming endeavor. whatever it is, your early investments positions you in the right path and you stand higher chances of doing better in life if not the best. Manage your money very well and resolve to invest back a good percentage of your gains in your money making endeavor. Again, you should not fear taking up a loan. Provided you will pay them back in time. If you manage those funds very well, you will make good returns before you pay them back. Something else you need to note; do not be a multi- borrower. Not unless you are capable of settling your debts on time. Otherwise, I honestly advise you to stick to those loans you can pay back on time and fully. I mean something that will not burden you so much to the point of crippling your money-making endeavor. Broaden your financial horizons every day, every week, every month, every year. That is the way to go. Taking up a loan is far much better than just idling and doing nothing. It is far much better than gambling. These days, technology has made things even more easier. You can access a loan by the press of a button on devices like phones and computers. No collateral required! With very few legal formalities. What an opportunity! These are chances you should never let go. Catch these life changing moments and map your destiny.

Lastly, and most importantly, study and acquire skills through education. However few job opportunities are, purpose to study. Education besides preparing you for a job, as many believe, opens doors to greater life changing opportunities. It may not guarantee you a job , yeah, but it nurtures you to be independent minded and decisive. Education imparts in you tremendous life skills. It feeds you up with alternative ideas to success considering how stiffly competitive job market has proven to be in this century. Shun not education. You must have witnessed people using knowledge acquired through education to turn things around their world. My point is; education is meant to acquaint you with skills. It is meant to alter the way you perceive things in daily life. It is meant to give you an insight into noble opportunities in life. It is meant to broaden your way of thinking. Treasure your education. Knowledge is life!

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