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How to have successful system at work places


Date Posted: 8/17/2018 3:15:02 AM

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A system can be defined as combined organs that work together for a defined and common goal. In this case we are talking about a work place, business or even a farm. For any given system to work and be successful, there are some factors that must be put into practice for it to reach the various goals it has set. These factors are:

1. Have a defined program
In any system, be it a business or a work place, a defined program of events has to be put in place, so that one can know what to do and at what time. When one wakes up in the morning, they will know that they will begin with this activity and end with this, in a systematic order. This will help in utilizing time well. As we all know, a day has only 24 hours and we should make good use of it in order to accomplish whatever we have planned for the day.

2. Have defined roles
We need to have defined roles, know who does what. This will help in eliminating confusion and conflicts between workmates. It will also help in knowing who is not playing his part well in the system, and who is excellent in his work. That way you will know who to eliminate and who to promote when the time comes.

3. Practice good record keeping
Record keeping is very important. It will help you in making decisions in the future. If it is a business, track how it is going, such that you can give a clear history of your business. Record whatever happens in your business. If it is a farm, if a veterinary officer treats your cow, let him indicate whatever he has treated in the record book, so that if there is any continuity in the treatment, there will

be no problem even if the same veterinary officer is not available. This is because another one can come and continue with the treatment based on whatever he has read on the records.

4. Pay your workers well
If you pay your workers well, they will take their work seriously and this will be of benefit to you. Let your workers be stakeholders in your projects, that way, if anything goes wrong, they will feel accountable and do whatever they can to rectify it even if it is not their fault.

5. Treat your workers well
Treat your workers with respect. Yes, you are feeding them but do not forget that you also need them. Remember you cannot be able to run your system all alone. So understand that they need you but you also need them.

6. Be friends with your customers
Someone once said that the customer is always right. Sometimes you may need to look like a fool in front of your customer, because although you may know that you are right, you can decide to let it pass. That way you will keep your customer plus the profits that they bring into your business.

7. Consider quantity
If it is a business, have stored goods in your stores. If it is a farm, have feeds in your stores. This way consistency in your business or farm will be assured, and in return, consistency in production and good profits will be assured. This is because even in dry seasons or when the goods that you deal with are not readily available, you will not lack them at any given time.

8. Consider qaulity
Consider the quality of goods and services that you are offering to your customers. Good quality will make your customers come again and again. But bad quality will make you gain profits for sometime but soon your customers will find someone else who will offer them the same goods that you are offering them but with good quality.

9. Consider supply
Be it a business, a farm or any other system, look for a supply that is both consistent and that is offering good prices and good quality.

In conclusion, for any system, if the above factors are put into practice, good results will be the final outcome.

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