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4 tips for passing high school mathematics with ease.


Date Posted: 6/26/2021 6:13:42 AM

Posted By: Justus mbindyo  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 672

4 tips for passing high school mathematics with ease.

Have you ever wondered why many students find mathematics hard? Though many students are mathematics inclined, this subject is seen as one of the toughest subjects for students today. It is seen as a stressor subject and causes extreme exam anxiety to many students in high school today. It is not funny to find some students developing headaches when they mark the day they will sit for mathematics papers due to the fear of failure. It is due to this negative perception that many students find it difficult and boring to study mathematics.

Unfortunately, the majority of the university courses incorporate some mathematics basics and almost all professions use mathematics on daily basis. Whatever course a student chooses to undertake in the university, it will definitely need some mathematics basic knowledge for one to perform better. It is therefore important to deal with a problem when it is little and manageable thus if you don’t deal with your mathematics problems at the early stages of your studies you might find it hard at higher levels of learning since it keeps on advancing. A strong foundation guarantees a strong building thus it's vital to develop a strong mathematics foundation right from your high school level.

Excelling in this subject is possible as long as one is willing to put effort as we all know that hard work pays and you will definitely excel. Most students fail in this subject because they do not take time to conceptualize the ideas, formulas, basics, and lack of practice. Passing in mathematics paper is simple as long as one is committed and determined to take the cost. I remember during my high school times I had developed some solid tricks on how to handle mathematical problems and today I

am going to share with you some plausible tricks on how to beat difficulties in this subject. Therefore these are the four unbeatable tricks for any student who would wish to do well in this subject.

1. Befriend mathematics
The first trick is to be friends with the subject. We all know having a positive attitude towards whatever you are doing is a plus. This is because whenever a positive attitude is attached, you will devote much of your resources to see yourself attain the desired results. However, no one should ever cheat you that you can ever pass in this subject unless you love it otherwise you will find yourself walking in hellfire with mathematics. to pass in maths you must develop a character of liking it. It is psychologically proven that when one is interested in an idea, they are probably going to perform better in it as they create an inner driving force. It is in the same way that when you are reading a mathematics book in a good mood it will be easier for you to understand the concepts hence the study session turns from a tedious activity to a cheerful one.

2. Be an active participant
Unlike the other subjects which require you to memorize and cram concepts, mathematics requires a different approach. It is important to be an active learner when it comes to this subject. It is through being active that you will find it easy to capture the basic and vital concepts which form the foundations of passing in mathematics paper. After grasping the concepts, you are also required to keep on practicing through regular handling of related mathematical problems to make the ideas firmly stick into your mind. Allocate more study hours and put in extra effort if you would like to pass with flying colors. The hidden trick behind mathematics is the formulas. Familiarizing yourself with the formulas is the first step to doing good in maths as it gives you confidence when handling related problems since you not only know the formulas but also how to correctly apply them in exams.

3. Practice regularly
Mathematics is a complicated subject that cannot be learned through reading and listening only. To pass in this subject you need to roll your sleeves and regularly solve several problems from different topics. It is said that practice makes perfect thus the more you practice the better you become in maths. Mathematics is a dynamic subject as it keeps on generating different puzzles with different characteristics thus to pass in it you must have solved lots of problems beforehand to give an advantage of the unknown. Whenever you encounter a challenging mathematical problem, it is advisable to seek help from those who are good in the area rather than just turning to the next page for an easier question. Remember those challenging questions forms the stepping stone for handling more complex problems.

4. Apply mathematics to real-world problems
Whenever undertaking a mathematical problem, try to relate it to real-world problems which can help you change your perception and assimilate the ideas differently. For instance, in a situation of speed, you should relate it to vehicles that operate along your route while holding to the problem at hand. This will definitely help you vividly remember the concept of the problem when such problems are repeated in the future.

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