Human Resource Management Question Paper

Human Resource Management 

Course:Certificate In Business Management

Institution: Kenya Institute Of Management (Kim) question papers

Exam Year:2011

1. Write your index number in the spaces provided in the answer booklet
2. Answer any five questions
3. All questions carry equal marks.
4. NO writing should be done on this question paper.Candidates who break KIM examination Rules and Regulations or commit any malpractice will be disqualified.
5. Candidate who break KIM examination Rules and regulation or practice any malpractice in the examination will be DISQUALIFIED

1.Tahidi company is experiencing poor performance for the last one year. The management has set a committee to find out the cause of the poor performance. The committee has found out that the poor performance is as a result of lack of motivation, poor remenuration, poor relationship between management and the employees , targets that are not achievable, lack of clear job description, organization policies and procedures. The management has requested the HR manager to address the above Problems and inform the management the way forward.
The employees on the other hand feel that there is the need to involve their trade union since some of these problems are as a result or CBA not being implemented. However, the HR personnel has promised them that the problems will be solved internally and therefore they should be patient. The HR manager feels that he can solve the problems. Some of the policies and procedures did not follow the right procedures when they were being formulated, while others are rigid and not changing with the dynamic environment.

a) As a HR manager, outline the characteristics of a good HR policies that you would come up with. (8 marks)
b) Explain the different ways you would advise the management to undertake so as to solve the problems (10 marks)
c) As a HR, explain the different ways you would use to motivate the employees. (10 marks)
2. Discuss the historical evolution of HRM. (18 marks)
3. Discuss the multi-disciplinary nature of HRM. (18 marks)
4. a) Discuss the practical methods of evaluating the HRM function. (10 marks)
b) Explain the advantages of using product departmentation type of organization structure. (8 marks)
5. a) Explain the professional ethics of a HR manager. (8 marks)
b) Discuss the challenges faced by an international HR manager. (8 marks)
6. a) As a HR specialist there is a need of analyzing the ways of doing work. Explain the different steps you would undertake in the method study. (12 marks)
b) Explain the key issues of HRM. (6 marks)
7.a) Explain the three main approaches to general HR strategies. (6 marks)
b) Explain the factors determining or affecting rate method of wage system payment. (10 marks)
8. a) Explain the advantages of using piece rate method of wage system payment. (10 marks)
b) Explain the factors determining effective span of control. (8 marks)

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